Thing #21 Friday, Jul 9 2010 

I created a neat, short photo story on the Trail of Tears. I saved it in a mvw file but it won’t upload unless you pay to upgrade your WordPress account, NOT. The program is really user-friendly.

Vaughn, I have emailed it to you. Enjoy.


Thing #23 Friday, Jul 9 2010 

This experience has forced me to explore things I knew about but had not yet used. That has been really useful. Some things I have used and still do use today. It’s a great feeling (as this ends) to know that I am up-to-date , until tomorrow! Another day, another new program, application, etc.

Thing #22 Friday, Jul 9 2010 

This does not have anything to do with education, but I think an excellent way to use Nings would be for family communication and sharing. Some of my family members will not join Facebook because they thinks it’s too much trouble and unsafe. If they thought only family members were a part of a special network, they may join. They could share photos and posts about life in general. The more savvy members could upload videos and photos for grandparents and such. A forum could be used for holiday planning, visit planning,  or party planning.

Thing #20 Friday, Jul 9 2010 

Teacher tube video of the Thorn Festival in India, where you show your reverence to the Gods by jumping into a bunch of thorns! Ouch
The embed feature is not working so you’ll have to use the following link.

My favorite You Tube find was the Australian show called The Librarians, a TV comedy.

Post #19 Thursday, Jul 8 2010 

Hands down my favorite of the Web 2.0 Awards is LuLu. I heard about this when reading “The Happiness Project,” by Gretchen Rubin. In the book she self-publishes to meet one of her goals. Anyone can become an author and even get an ISBN! Wow. I envision this being useful in a school setting for putting together training books on technology for staff,  or even being used to encourage students to write and publish memoirs, poetry, etc.

MyHeritage  is another great site. It is hard to find free sites to search for ones’ ancestry. This could encourage students to discover their family’s history, and in turn seeing the importance of history in life.

Thing #18 Thursday, Jul 8 2010 

Open source software is becoming very popular as budgets shrink. I remember learning about open office years ago and there were problems with it, but now it’s great, AND FREE. Microsoft Office is pricey.

Google docs has been really useful when I collaborate with others colleagues for grad school.

Thing #17 Thursday, Jul 8 2010 

The Rollyo app is really useful for those of us who have our teacher bookmarks mixed in with all of our others!

Here’s the link to my search on Christopher Columbus with only four bookmarks in my Rollyo.

Thing #16 Sunday, Jun 27 2010 

I can’t log on to post on the sandbox and I’m not sure why. I have sent a request to join. Hopefully that’s what I was supposed to do.


Thing #15 Sunday, Jun 27 2010 

Wow, the video was very moving, and it shows how technology can be used to benefit or misused to someone’s detriment.

I added Warlick to my RSS feeds, like him..

Web 2.0 means the second decade of web technology as we know it. Soon to come, Web 3.0, the third decade of the web. This is my definition of the term and I’m sticking to it!

Thing #14 Sunday, Jun 27 2010 

When searching School Library Learning 2.0 blogs or posts there were “0” results. I couldn’t figure out how to search for tags. I could only find indexed tags and it wasn’t on the list.  When I did a search with “technology” as a filter, I got 8 results.

The top blogs were news, technology, and celebrity news.

Tagging is extremely important because there is so much information available, the more ways you have to narrow a topic the better searching will be had.Iit’s a great way to find things you’re looking for.

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